O' Halloran Energy Solutions can help you through every stage of your contruction project, from planning and design right through to completion.

Drawing & Design Options

We have an extensive portfolio of design options and ideas and will work with you to ensure you have your dream home or extension. You are more than welcome to come to us with a blank canvas and together we can produce a plan to suit your needs.

At O’Halloran Building Solutions we also cater for customers who may require work carried out whom maybe applying for county council grants for loved ones who may have a mobility or disability.

We work closely with the recommendations of both the appointed occupational therapist and county council engineers.

These projects’s turnover time is usually 2-3 weeks depending on all information provided with full back up if the customer has any queries as with all our work.

Submitting & Obtaining Planning Permission

Once the design stage of your project is completed we then submit your plans, dealing with any paperwork this stage of the project requires.

We have a fine portfolio of planning applications submitted, approved and built from plans over the last 6 years.

We focus on the home that the customer sees themselves living in and enjoying.

We have submitted and obtained planning permissions in counties Cork, Limerick Tipperary and Waterford.

Quantity Surveying

What will your dream home or extension cost you? This stage of the project tells you what it will cost you to build your home or extension.

As a qualified quantity surveyor, having worked with John Sisk & Son Ltd, Duggan Bros (Contractors) Ltd, Permafix Ltd, Jonathon has a vast knowledge of measuring, costing and pricing of projects.

Your project can be estimated and measured from inception stage, to where we would put together a comprehensive Bill of Quantities and send it out to tender. Only good reputable building contractors are consider to make sure that you, the customer, get great quality at the most competitive price. This is an advantageous piece of information to have as it ensures that all prospective builders are comparing like with like and “singing from the same hymn sheet”. We will then analyse all prices and advise on the best option for you.

Advice on Managing Your Project

After the costing stage of the project is complete we also offer advice on how best to manage the construction of your home or extension.

This is a bespoke service that takes into account your particular circumstances and needs.

This is a very important stage of the process as it could also be viewed as how best to manage your stress levels.

Completion - B.E.R. Certification

A Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate is needed prior to S.E.A.I. grants and on the completion of your dream home or extension.

A BER is similar to the energy label on your fridge with a scale of A-G. A-rated homes are the most energy efficient and G the least efficient.

We provide this service. For more information on BER Certification click here.


Remember, we can "jump in" at any stage should you require any advice or assistance with your current construction project.


Structural reports are required if you encounter structural problems with your property. We will inspect the building, focusing on the investigation of structural defects and then report back to the property owner on what repair works are required.


We all know that things can go wrong during the building process. A snagging list is a list of defects in a new build home or any new construction or renovation. We will find and identify all of the snags before you take possession of the property.


If you need to install a waste water treatment system or septic tank then you will need a site suitability report. The purpose of a site suitability assessment is to determine the suitability of the site for a waste water treatment system.


We will  take the stress and strain out of your construction project, at very competitive rates.